About Us

A women-led team of engineers set out to solve the global textile waste crisis.

Our story

We founded Refiberd with the goal of bringing the cutting-edge of AI research to the fashion industry.

From our deep research backgrounds in artificial intelligence and textile engineering, we believe in the power of technology to unlock a 100% circular economy.

Our team

  • Headshot of Sarika Bajaj

    Sarika Bajaj

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Textile Researcher, previously worked at Intel on experimental fashion-tech, Bachelors and 2 Masters from Carnegie Mellon.
  • Headshot of Tushita Gupta

    Tushita Gupta

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
    Patent-pending AI scientist, previously worked on drug discovery at Atomwise & trash sorting. Bachelors and Masters from Carnegie Mellon.
  • Headshot of Julia Chatterjee

    Julia Chatterjee

    Research Associate
    Textile Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, previously worked at Bolt Threads, Bachelors from MIT.
  • Headshot of Georg Menzl, PhD

    Georg Menzl, PhD

    AI Research Scientist
    AI and Physics Researcher, previously worked at Sigma, PhD in Physics from University of Vienna and Postdoc at UC Berkeley.

Partners & Investors

Better Venture
Fashion for good
Schmidt Family Foundation
SIG Educational Foundation
True Wealth Ventures
Google for Startups
H&M Foundation