Intelligent sorting for textile-to-textile recycling

We empower the fashion industry to achieve true circularity by ensuring the efficient and accurate sorting of textiles for recycling applications.
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Disrupting the cycle of textile waste

Solving textile waste is a global climate imperative and the key to true circularity for the textile industry.
One truckload of textile waste is discarded each second
186 billion pounds of textile waste are discarded globally each year
>80% of this waste is directly landfilled or incinerated

This isn’t a recycling problem. It’s a waste-sorting crisis.

The problem
Because recyclers are not able to process unsorted textile waste, less than 1% of this waste is recycled into new clothing.
Our solution
Refiberd’s sorting technology can help divert up to 70% of the textile waste stream to high value recyclers, disrupting the cycle and unlocking new opportunities across the industry.
Our team of technologists

A more accurate way to sort

Refiberd’s technology layers a state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging system with artificial intelligence to accurately detect fiber composition and contaminant presence in textile waste.

This unique combination of technologies has a distinct advantage over traditional methods.

Highly Accurate

Meets comprehensive mechanical and chemical recycler standards for fiber and contamination identification. 

Effective for Trace Materials

Detects traditionally problematic materials for recyclers, including trace amounts of spandex, nylon, and acrylic below 2% composition.

Designed for Automation

Contact-free system which allows for a millisecond detection speed per garment. 
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